“Unique in the AV. Spicy chicken is what you need to know here. There are three types of chicken dishes: Sando, Tenders or Loaded. Also, different levels of spicy but you only need to get the hottest, Sassy. If you are getting anything less than Sassy then take yourself back to Popeye’s because this place ain’t deserve you. Get extra sauce and extra pickles. This food will get you high and change your life. ENJOY!”

- Mark Govern, Google

“So happy to have a chicken spot like this in the AV! They have 4 spice levels to choose from ranging from normal to Sassy AF. All are tasty but the Sassy AF is Not for the timid. The tots are delicious as well. The portions are GENEROUS and the food is very tasty!”

- Angel Ayala, Google

“Huge chicken sandos that range in different levels of Heat. The sassy AF is soo good, and when they say it’s hot it’s hot. I personally love the seasoning on the fries and tots. Cool atmosphere, not much seat but it’s on the blvd which has a lot of outdoor seating throughout. It stay busy so it’s best to follow on social media to keep up with wait times. Great employees working hard behind the counter So glad they brought something new and different to the av.”

- Diane Acosta, Google

The place is a sleeper hit! If you haven’t gone you’re crazy! Do you live in LA and don’t want to drive? You a fool! If you’re in Lancaster you MUST go! This sandwich is delicious, the loaded fries are great too! (Although missing cheese in my opinion.) The heat isn’t for the faint of heart either. If you fancy yourself a daredevil go for the Sassy AF, if you see yourself as a stuntman go for the Hot, if you’re looking to dip your toe in river of spice Mild will do it for you, and for those looking a flavor adventure you should go with the Regular. The sandwich is constructed perfectly to blend spice and flavor! Will be back, after the fire in my mouth dies down from the Sassy AF sandwich.

- Shundaire C., Yelp
“Man so I’ve following this restaurant on social media for months waiting for them to to open and I was definitely not disappoint. It was well worth the wait. When I went people were already lined up at the door waiting to order and even that wait was extremely worth it! I ordered their hot chicken sandwich with their seasoned fries and the moment I took a bite I was in heaven ? my buddy got the the sassy af option and let me have a bite and the amount of spiciness just kept going. Highly recommend trying this place out and dealing with the short wait time. The staff was amazing and you can surely taste the hard work and artistry that went into creating these blast of flavor sandwiches”
- Manilla Envelopes, Google

“This place is the new spot! It’s insanely good and I’ve never had a better chicken sandwich than I have here. They truly take their time when preparing this and the customer service is amazing!! I’ve been waiting for them to open up since forever and I’m addicted to it already!! Going again this weekend cause I can’t get enough”

- Gwen Moore, Google